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European Veterans Fencing

Veteran fencing is divided into age categories:

Category I 40 - 49 years
Category II 50 - 59 years
Category III 60 - 69 years
Category IV 70 - 74 years
Category V 75+
Category VI will be introduced when necessary

European Championships

The first European Veteran Fencing Championships were organised by Henry de Silva and held in the UK in August 1991. At this event there were 111 weapon entries from 7 countries. The largest entry to date was at Henin-Beaumont with 1215 weapon entries and fencers from 30 countries.

The Championships alternate between Individuals in odd years and Teams in even years. See the Calendar for the next events.

1991 Loughborough, Great Britain   Individual
1992 Berlin, Germany Team  
1993 Liege, Belgium   Individual
1994 Weinfelden, Switzerland Team  
1995 Luxembourg   Individual
1996 Keszthely, Hungary Team  
1997 San Remo, Italy   Individual
1998 Vienna, Austria Team  
1999 Moulins, France   Individual
2000 Brighton, Great Britain Team  
2001 Cologne, Germany .   Individual
2002 Antwerp, Belgium Team  
2003 Moscow, Russia   Individual
2004 Bergamo, Italy Team  
2005 Vöcklabruck, Austria   Individual
2006 Turku, Finland Team  
2007 St Gallen, Switzerland   Individual
2008 Ciudad Real, Spain Team  
2009 Balatonfüred, Hungary   Individual
2010 Skopje, Macedonia Team  
2011 Henin-Beaumont, France   Individual
2012 Kalmar, Sweden Team  
2013 Terni, Italy   Individual
2014 Porec, Croatia Team  
Porec, Croatia

Medway, Great Britain


World Championships

Entries to World Championships are limited to age 50+ in categories (50 -59 years, 60-69 and 70+).

Each country is allowed a maximum entry of 4 fencers per weapon.

1997 Cape Town, South Africa
1998 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
1999 Siofok, Hungary
2000 Gödöllö, Hungary
2001 Martinique
2002 Tampa, Florida
2003 Limoges, France
2004 Krems, Austria
2005 Tampa, Florida
2006 Bath, Great Britain
2007 Sydney, Australia
2008 Limoges, France
2009 Moscow, Russia
2010 Porec, Croatia
2011 Porec, Croatia
2012 Krems, Austria
2013 Varna, Bulgaria
2014 Debrecen, Hungary
Limoges, France
Stralsund, Germany


National And Local Competitions

Veterans only competitions are held in many European countries and welcome veteran fencers from any European country.

Many open competitions also have veteran categories or veteran prizes.


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