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Constitution of EVF

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Proposed Amendments

At the 2018 Congress we advised Members that we were preparing an Administrative Handbook to help clarify the operating details of European Veterans Fencing.

In the process of developing the Handbook it became clear that many sections of the current Constitution needed to be moved out of the Constitution and into the Handbook. It also became clear that some elements needed to be inserted into the Constitution to reflect the growth and development of EVF.

The result of this work is the two documents that we now share with you to review and comment upon so that we may approve them at the 2019 Congress in Cognac.

In order to ensure that we capture all the input from all Members we are asking you to send in your comments and questions by email in advance and we will then be able to deal with the matter more efficiently at the Congress.

Please send your feedback to me by email: President EVF


Caryl Oliver
President, EVF


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